Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hope You Had a Fantastic Halloween :)

It was windy, rainy and just plain horrible outside here. Had to feel bad for all the kiddies out there getting their treats. Still, if I remember my childhood right, not much could ruin the fun of free candy :)

Anyway, here's the latest at Mischief. The first outfit, the lil vest get up, is named after one of my lovely group members miss 4Ever Wise. Her name seemed to fit the outfit and for that, she got a complimentary one, basically just for being a group member.

The second one I just love, it reminds me of something you might see Sarah Jessica Parker where to an awards show. It's available in 3 colors, shown down below. Hope you love it too.

Find them all in world @ Mischief Isle/ Direct Landmark 109, 158 or in my OnRez Storefront

Also, the winners of the Panty Raid raffle - just under 200 players found all 21 pair and from what I hear, had a bit of fun doing it. I know that I had fun with some of the IMs I received in reference to it. I was very surprised by the turn out - so surprised I decided to make a 2nd runner up spot for some of you who found them all. Here they all are :) Congrats.
*Manna Lane - 1000L
*Siofra Innis - 1000L
*Saphyre Starr - 1000L
*Anna Zwiers - 1000L
*Arianna Psaltery - 1000L
*Xiana Lane - 200L
*kristianne Matfield - 200L
*Jase Streeter - 200L
*IcyMoon Vavoom - 200L
*Susan31061 Ferraris - 200L
*Sahirah Hauptmann - 200L
*Pen Drake - 200L
*Monica Kanno - 200L
*Aleya Cuddihy - 200L
*October Tangerine - 200L

Monday, October 29, 2007

While You Were Yanking My Panties Out of Trees...

I don't know how they could have gotten there ::blush::

Either way, while you were doing that, I made new stuff. I realized that big release on opening day of the new sim lacked clubwear so I put my focus there for that last day or two. The outcome, pretty dern sexy if you ask me.

Also, as promised, my attempt to fatten up the men's wear department continues. Two lil prim polos for the boys.

Peek out the rest of the available colors down below and ....

Hope you like and Happy Monday!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

eek! It's a Panty Raid!

K, so lets have some silly fun shall we? There are currently 21 pairs of panties scattered about the new Mischief Isle sim. Can you find them all? If you do, you'll not only have a hoard of pretties for your bum, but you can be entered into a 1000L raffle. Head on over to Mischief and click the Panty Raid Poster for specific details. If you'd like to play, you really should read the notecard at the shop, there are a few details you'll want to know.
Have fun!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Today Is No Ordinary Day at Mischief

First, and the most major change is that I've moved to a new sim. A lot of you probably knew this was coming as the new sim, named Mischief Isle, is located right next to Illusion.

Second, the new build. I had this oppurtunity with the new sim to really take my time (and did I ever) and pay special attention to the details. I'm so very happy with the outcome and I hope that those of you who frequent my shop will appreciate the atmosphere. It did require that I move my posters about but I did keep everything sepereted into departments, as usual. It might take some time to reacquaint yourself with the layout but the last build stayed up for a year and I'm sure that this one will as well.

Third, I've revamped all of my screenshots - again. I called this the "insanity" project. Redoing that many screenshots is enough to make a girl cry but I did have good reason for it. I had some requests that I show more angles of my clothing, I wanted to be forced to put on every single item I'd ever made and really run it through a quality control rez, to incorporate my new logo and I personally felt that the last style of screenshot was too busy. The end result feels lighter and clean to me.

Now, that I've rambled about the things that I love about today, lets get to what you've been waiting for- a release. A huge freaking release! I won't bore you with details, I'll just let the following photos do the talking for me but I will mention that there is a lot of sculptie, flexi goodness going on today and what I believe is a higher level of quality, overall. I've taken a lot of time away from constant releases to really fine tune my skill level and I think what will come from Mischief in the future is going to knock your socks off.

In addition to all that, I'd also like to introduce you to one of my closest real life friends - Sasha Pavlova. She's been putzing around with prims for about a year now and has created some lovely shoe styles. They are now being showcased in an OnRez vendor in my new build and OnRez at the following link. IRL, she's got a knack for tedious details and an incredible amount of patience. I believe it shows in her first release which you can view here

K, done, takes deep breath :)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New for Tuesday :)

New Stuff for Tuesday!

An adorable half sleeve sweater all done up w/ a dangerous cleavage revealing cut out, teeny lil jewels, and optional sculpted trumpet sleeves - this style sleeve I'M LOVING IRL and dernit all, they're pretty cute ISL too. Available in 4 colors.

The executive set today is ruffly, girly, sexy, flexi, sculpted - yeah you name it - so cute.
Hope you love and Happy Tuesday!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Janie + Autumn = Inspiration

Oh, I just love this time of year. I swear it's one of the major reasons I never left Michigan regardless of our harsh winters - it's just so lovely here right now.

So, yeah, I love autumn in Michigan and I LOVE LOVE fashion in Autumn. I have so many ideas bouncing out my head right now and you'll see lots of them soon.

Only thing I really need to mention in this one is that the gray sweater on the left, w/ the flexi/sculpt scarf, is available in 3 other colors. Other than that, there's sculptie goodness in all of them and I hope you love them as much as I do.

Find 'em all at >> Mischief / Direct Landmark 109, 158

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Even Something for the Boys

Just dropped off a collection of ribbed, skin tight, tees for the men. So tight in fact, that your hot lil six pack is showing through in the shading. I think you'll like this.

Also an adorable little flex skirt set w/ the most cuddly wrap sweater ever. Available in 2 colors. You can't see it in the screenshot, but the dress in this set has the most subtle pinstriping. Just a little something to keep it from being dull.

Finally, a little pack of neck ties, tied off at the waist. I saw this on a celebrity recently and I gotta say, I thought it was pretty damn cute. These ties are covered in skullies for the Halloween season, have a sculpted knot and a flexi tie.

Hope you love and Happy Wednesday!

Find it all at >> Mischief / Direct Landmark 109, 158

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Boop Boop Be Doop

Aw, now you can be a black and white cartoon from back in the day but now, and in full color! Find the costume at Mischief / Direct Landmark 109, 158 and find the wig over at Tickled Pink .