Sunday, September 06, 2009

New Stuff, and Lots of It!

K, so I've been working on my sim all night and I'm tired beyond belief. Let me just show you the pictures and give you only the important info.

Sass Sweater and Bare It Sweater. Both available in a ton of colors or the grab the greedy pack.

Chandra and the Tart Halter. Again, lots o colors and the greedy packs.

The Xtra Collection. Actually new last week, but per usual, I forgot to post. It's already been moved to the center section of the shop on the right hand side.

A new build...yes, again lol...
I've also placed "The Mischief Outlet" next door. It's to the right, yellow trim. Everything in there (with the exception of 4 huge greedy packs) is marked at 100L or less. Great place to bring your new friends or outfit an alt.

Here's the landmark Mischief Isle/ Direct Landmark and have a great day...I'm going to sleep now.