Friday, August 29, 2008

Fall Fashion is the Best!

I have to admit that summer is my favorite time of year. Thing is, I'd be a lot more unhappy about it coming to a close if it weren't for the onset of fall fashion. It's gotten to the point in my world, where we can start breaking out the heavier fabrics while still showing off some skin. So, I figured my lil' Janie could enjoy the same with these two outfits today.
Above, we have "Summer's End." I just love the soft colors and, you know it, the buttons. Hooray for giant buttons! It comes with the sweater and glitch shorts on all available layers, and flex skirt, sculpted turtleneck collar and puffy sleeves.
The other fall weather loving get up is "Fun Footsies." I saw this look irl and thought, adding color on your feet to an otherwise neutral outfit was such a fun idea - thus the name. It comes with the sweater with sculpted turtleneck and sleeve cuffs, the vest, glitch shorts and flex skirt, and thigh high socks. Multiple layers.
Per usual, all prim additions and glitch shorts are modify.
Much love and Happy Friday!