Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I Want a Girl with a Short Skirt and a Looong Jacket

Someone pointed out to me recently, just how long it's been since I made any smokin' hot business wear. Over a year, I know, possibly two. So I set out on the task of making something that could take you ladies to work..or to a little role play fun lol. The above is "The Right Dividends," and is currently available only in black. It comes with both pants and a teeny tiny skirt. The white portion of the underdress can be switched out with something more conservative from your inventory.
The second shown below is "Shattered Glass," and is a more conservative, pinstripe set available in both black and gray. Conservative for Mischief, I guess lol. It too, comes with both the skirt or pants options and looks great with a modest oxford underneath, but I don't generally do modest, so you're on your own there.
Hope you like and Happy Tuesday. You can find it all at Mischief!