Friday, May 23, 2008

Buttons, Bows, and Dorky Lil' Tanks

Do you love buttons? Do you love bows? Yeah, well I do! There's the madness behind this little outfit just released to the main location. A super cute outfit which includes a hip sash with sculpted ribbons, tank top buttoned off at the top and flexi skirt. The top is ABSOLUTELY adorable with jeans, as well, making it a perfect "dress it up or dress it down" set. Available in 3 colors.

Also, yesterday I dropped two simple, little, racer back tanks in the shop. They're selling for only $L45 (can't beat that lol) due to the simplicity of them but personally, I think they're just so cute. We don't always need to be all flashy do we? Match 'em up with your favorite jeans or shorts.

Find them in world @ Mischief Isle/ Direct Landmark 109, 158