Friday, August 01, 2008

Weekend Wardrobe and a Dollarbie

Had a little case of insomnia last night...or a caffeine high from all the yummy vanilla coffee I drank late...either way there's a bunch new for the weekend.

First up, the "Ginger Trousers." I just love these. They have a great button detail up the side and come with sculpted cuffs. The cuff has a subtle fold to give it a tailored, rolled up look. Available in black, navy and chocolate. The chocolate begs to be matched up with know, because I'm into that right now.
Next, a most fantastic outfit called "Stay True." It comes with a fab halter top all ruffled out, high (very high) waisted pants which also come complete with a sculpted flare. Just a polished look, you'll be high class and freaking hot all in one shot.Finally, the "Cate" halters. These tops are pretty simple but as we all know, I have a weakness for big dorky buttons and this top has just that on the belt, rather than a tired ol' buckle. Available in a whack of colors and for now...and not for long...the black version is a dollarbie item. Yep, get that black one for a big $L1!
Find them in world @ Mischief Isle/ Direct Landmark 109, 158