Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Did You Want Some New Stuff?

Well, I got it, baby! My fav today is the "Gracie Sculpted Trouser." A fabulous pair of tailored, charcoal pants with a nice cuffed boot leg sculptie. Great for dressing up or down.

Also collection of layered shirts that come w/ a tee in 2 lenghts and a tank. On multiple layers so you can wear the tank alone, the tee alone in both lengths or layer them this way, layer them that way. It can make up about 7 looks. I just love it matched up with those pants.

Also, a club outfit that's a bit off the wall for me. Its black, its leather, and the neck line (dare I call it that) extends down past the navel. It comes with matching boots.

Look below for color variations and all the jazz.

Happy Wednesday and find them on Illusion here >> Mischief / Direct Landmark 109, 158