Thursday, February 05, 2009

Mischief - Oh You Dirty Birds

These two sets boast some very, very, yes very low slung pants. I added a curve in the back to attempt to hide that ass crack though. The result, I think, is beyond sexy with the little laces creeping their way downtown. I'd say Vicious isn't as over the top slutty since the shirt has a saucy cut to it but isn't as revealing as it could be. Tramp on the other hand, now here's a top for you gals who want to show the world what you got. On top of the cut revealing the lower curve of your breast, I included a super sheer version that isn't shown in the screenshot. It's not so obvious on my skin since I'm light and the nips on my skin are soft pink, but I imagine on some of the darker skins the result could be...well...let's just say your man will be pleased.
Thanks for the peek and find it here Mischief Isle/ Direct Landmark