Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sunshine Days are Still on at Mischief!

Need a free bikini? How 'bout ten free bikinis? Currently there are ten bikinis hidden throughout the Mischief Build. They are all INSIDE the main build. Hunt 'em down, make 'em your own. The above image gives you a preview and an image of the box you'll be searching for.

But wait! There's More! 2 very special boxes are also hidden that contain 2500L gift cards. That's all I'll say about those. Its on you to figure that one out.

I've also decided to keep the sale going through the weekend.

What's that you ask...well today you'll find over 100 FULL OUTFITS for only $L100 -and we're not talking clearance outfits, we're talking items that will go right back up to $L175, $L200, even $L275 when the sale is over.

In stock items, some only months olds, some classic favorites. A handful of them even include sculpted prims for only ONE hundred lindens. You'll find these sale items throughout the entire store and in every department.

Find Sunshine Days in world @ Mischief Isle/ Direct Landmark 109, 158