Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hope You Had a Fantastic Halloween :)

It was windy, rainy and just plain horrible outside here. Had to feel bad for all the kiddies out there getting their treats. Still, if I remember my childhood right, not much could ruin the fun of free candy :)

Anyway, here's the latest at Mischief. The first outfit, the lil vest get up, is named after one of my lovely group members miss 4Ever Wise. Her name seemed to fit the outfit and for that, she got a complimentary one, basically just for being a group member.

The second one I just love, it reminds me of something you might see Sarah Jessica Parker where to an awards show. It's available in 3 colors, shown down below. Hope you love it too.

Find them all in world @ Mischief Isle/ Direct Landmark 109, 158 or in my OnRez Storefront

Also, the winners of the Panty Raid raffle - just under 200 players found all 21 pair and from what I hear, had a bit of fun doing it. I know that I had fun with some of the IMs I received in reference to it. I was very surprised by the turn out - so surprised I decided to make a 2nd runner up spot for some of you who found them all. Here they all are :) Congrats.
*Manna Lane - 1000L
*Siofra Innis - 1000L
*Saphyre Starr - 1000L
*Anna Zwiers - 1000L
*Arianna Psaltery - 1000L
*Xiana Lane - 200L
*kristianne Matfield - 200L
*Jase Streeter - 200L
*IcyMoon Vavoom - 200L
*Susan31061 Ferraris - 200L
*Sahirah Hauptmann - 200L
*Pen Drake - 200L
*Monica Kanno - 200L
*Aleya Cuddihy - 200L
*October Tangerine - 200L