Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Plethora of New Goodies for the Guys

Mischief Male is FINALLY BACK! It now has its very own build, located to the West of Mischief. You can't miss it. What better to bring the men's wear line than a whole whack of new goodies and a small clearance sale.

Three lovely oxford shirts equipped w/ sculptie collars and cuffs. Also, the rebirth of the "beater" tanks with way better shading and muscle tone.

Yah, boxer briefs...simple as that. Nine available colors.

Two brand spanking new polo style shirts topped with a sculpted collar, three "do-overs" of t-shirts that I couldn't bear to simply retire but needed a complete make over, and a new t-shirt, by request and after an irl favorite, named "duck duck goosed" you'll have to look closely at the duckies to get the joke.

You might recognize these corduroy pants as the "Casual Cords" that were in shop prior to the disappearance of Mischief Male. The only thing new about these is that I've added a sculpted bootleg cuff to them SO if you already have the **MisMale** Casual Cords you can purchase just the sculptie to add to them.