Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Week Worth Seeing!

Two new outfits for Tuesday:)
The first, named Kiera is a fun, bright, summery halter dress. It includes the top, glitch shorts, flex skirt and an optional sculpted collar to add a little pow to the set. It is also available in a bright lime color, which can be seen in the compilation preview below.
The second, Splendor, is a sheer wrap with optional puffy sleeves and bow/sash at the waist matched up with a subtle striped pant. The top is included in both jacket and shirt layers and the pants on both pant and undies layers w/ an optional scultped bootleg attachment.
The compilation below shows most of what was released this past week. Why? Because it turned out to be one of my favorite release collections in quite some time. I've been working on my shading technique and it's led to cleaner, brighter colors - which I adore and hope you will too.
Much love and Happy Tuesday:)