Friday, October 26, 2007

Today Is No Ordinary Day at Mischief

First, and the most major change is that I've moved to a new sim. A lot of you probably knew this was coming as the new sim, named Mischief Isle, is located right next to Illusion.

Second, the new build. I had this oppurtunity with the new sim to really take my time (and did I ever) and pay special attention to the details. I'm so very happy with the outcome and I hope that those of you who frequent my shop will appreciate the atmosphere. It did require that I move my posters about but I did keep everything sepereted into departments, as usual. It might take some time to reacquaint yourself with the layout but the last build stayed up for a year and I'm sure that this one will as well.

Third, I've revamped all of my screenshots - again. I called this the "insanity" project. Redoing that many screenshots is enough to make a girl cry but I did have good reason for it. I had some requests that I show more angles of my clothing, I wanted to be forced to put on every single item I'd ever made and really run it through a quality control rez, to incorporate my new logo and I personally felt that the last style of screenshot was too busy. The end result feels lighter and clean to me.

Now, that I've rambled about the things that I love about today, lets get to what you've been waiting for- a release. A huge freaking release! I won't bore you with details, I'll just let the following photos do the talking for me but I will mention that there is a lot of sculptie, flexi goodness going on today and what I believe is a higher level of quality, overall. I've taken a lot of time away from constant releases to really fine tune my skill level and I think what will come from Mischief in the future is going to knock your socks off.

In addition to all that, I'd also like to introduce you to one of my closest real life friends - Sasha Pavlova. She's been putzing around with prims for about a year now and has created some lovely shoe styles. They are now being showcased in an OnRez vendor in my new build and OnRez at the following link. IRL, she's got a knack for tedious details and an incredible amount of patience. I believe it shows in her first release which you can view here

K, done, takes deep breath :)