Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Two Latest at Mischief :)

Here's the two most recent releases at Mischief. The first is "Pish Posh" and it's available in 3 lovely prints. Just a little hard to see in the above display ad, but there's the solid black, red dots, white dots. All three come with the same prim additions along the bustline and the skirt so if you want more than one make sure you look at the greedy pack pricing and buy up the pack rather than individuals. Also, after having made it up I noticed the the glitch spankies, top, and stockings were just begging to become a bunny suit. Since most of you already have a bunny costume like this I didn't want to bother making it a whole new set so I just added a free bonus bunny kit to the greedy pack.
I think "Opinionated" (pictured below) was put out in the store on Wednesday. This one is available in 5 colors along with the greedy pack. I really love this set for me. It's right up my alley and is sure to become one of my staple outfits. Simple enough to be day to day but I really like how the argyle played out on a halter top, rather than full sweater.

I'll try to keep up with my blog posts from here on out since some of you probably think this is old news lol. We've been working on revamping our sims and I'm a little scattered, please forgive :)

Thanks for the peek and find them here Mischief Isle/ Direct Landmark