Saturday, July 05, 2008

Outfits and Matching Wigs

Take a look at the attached preview - I just know a lot of you will love this set. The "Cabaret" outfit includes all sorts of sculpted goodies and can be worn without the suspenders, if you like. The "Cabaret" Wig includes a hat to match all 3 available colors of the outfit and a white banded one for recoloring. The outfit is also available in green.

Hey, do you all remember way back when I first came into Second Life? That very first school girl I made? The one called "Micro Mini School Girl?" Yah it had managed to stay in shop for years because it remained such a great seller. Well, its gone now but I've updated and replaced it! Yes, bring on the "Lil' Dirty Girl" which has a uber short skirt that can be worn alone or as the glitch shorts to the flex skirt, panties tied off oxford but this time w/ sculptie parts, thigh high socks. AND I made a matching wig for it as well. The wig includes ribbons in all the available colors to match the outfit. The outfit is also available in black.

Find them in world @ Mischief Isle/ Direct Landmark 109, 158 or in my OnRez Storefront