Sunday, August 12, 2007

More Pretties :)

K, so learning the sculpted prim has brought back my obsessive nature and desire to MAKE PRETTIES. Woohoo!

I'm loving this sweater - its a look I could never quite pull off using prims or just texturing, though admittedly, I tried and tried. I matched it up w/ some simple cords w/ optional primmie cuffs. Voila! Sweet, sexy, casual cuteness.

Hope you love it :)

Happy Monday (Sunday??? lol) and find them on Illusion here >> Mischief / Direct Landmark 109, 158

Oh So Cozyliscious

I'm so happy that I finally forced myself to learn how to make these derned sculpted prims. As some of you prolly noticed, I basically vanished from sl sometime after Christmas. Yeah, I released here and there but between all of my rl responsibilities and a lack of motivation in sl - I just wasn't so inspired. Thank you sculpted primmie for breathing new life and giving me just the challenge I needed.

And blah blah blah, I ramble.

That all said, a brand spankin' new hoodie added to the shelves of Mischief. I reinvented my prim hoodie using sculpties and the outcome is much more realistic IMO. Also added some wrinkly, slightly sloppy sleeves just like I love to wear irl. These sweaters look just lovely with the NexGen Denim I released yesterday so stop by Mischief and have at it.

Happy Sunday and find them on Illusion here >> Mischief / Direct Landmark 109, 158